“…alas, what is this thing called death?”


Nothing but ruins now left

Where this sweet flower takes root

And, it seems, takes pity

On the suffering of others, filling

The air with fragrance, a touch

Of consolation in the wasteland…


 Giacomo Leopardi – The Broom

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Live, You Crazy Motherfucker!

Amiri Baraka – AM/TRACK / John Coltrane – Meditations

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NSFW: ImageFap Account

I used to be reasonably, amateurishly good with GIMP. Good enough, at least, to change a picture’s background, remove tattoos or make it so that the center is colored and everything the less saturated the further away it is from that center.

Alas, I’ve forgotten a lot of the good stuff. Since I now intend to write this erotic story and I want to use some good pictures for it, I made an ImageFap account to experiment, train and look at pictures, look for pictures. Obviously, if the name doesn’t give it away yet, the site is NSFW.

Also, I’ve started writing Chapter 04 of the story today. However, from tomorrow on, I’ll have so much work to do though that I’ll probably don’t find any time to continue it until March or so.





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“Make Women Slaves Again” – A Word About BDSM and the BDSM Story I Am Currently Writing…


Over the holidays, I’ve started writing an erotic BDSM story entitled “New Albion.” Sadly, I cannot post it on Literotica. This is “sad” because Literotica has such a yuge audience, that a single chapter I published there immediately received around 3000 views in less than two or so days. However, they don’t publish stories that involve non-consensual sex (even stories involving rape have to conclude with the victim eventually starting to enjoy it) and don’t publish stories that do not necessarily focus on an erotic plot. And my story will have real slavery (as opposed to BDSM roleplay) and non-erotic violence (in regards to terrorism, murder, torture, etc.). So I’ve created a Blog and a Wattpad for it:



The general idea is that in the not so distant future, a secret society gets their hands on new kinds of technology that enable them to kill the previous American ruling class, and carve out a new country for themselves: “New Albion.” While the “Southern Confederacy” turns into an impoverished theocracy and “Portlandia” into a third-world shithole ruled over by a small class of wealthy feminists, “New Albion” prospers: there, men are still men and women are slaves. Immigrants who want to settle in “New Albion” and benefit from its luxurious lifestyle, the new types of energy and last but not least a futuristic kind of medicine that renders them almost immortal and gives them the body they want to have, must agree on becoming slaves to a “guardian.”

The two main characters we will follow are the friends Damon Westbrook and Noah Ekanem. While Noah is part of the Council ruling New Albion, Damon is chief of her armed forces. Together the two patriots defend their country from feminist terrorists who are supported from the outside by the women of “Portlandia.” Of course, there are also all kinds of slaves we will follow: there is Noah’s babygirl Lulu, there are the twins, the guard dog Sgt. Peppers, their wives and the mysterious singer Jade.

The story will involve mostly heterosexual maledom but also some femdom and bisexual elements; I’ll probably write in a twink/ish femboi character who will serve in a subservient chastity cuck kind of role.

Furthermore, it is my belief that honest sexuality is inevitably a bit “cringey” in the sense that it cuts away all the pretentious bullshit pseudointellectual college boys use to profess that they are not like all the other boys. Honest sexuality is full of adjectives and full of archetypes. This is not only true for women and them turning “50 Shades of Grey” into the new female Bible, but also true for men. No one masturbates to artsy bullshit but to girls who are cute, asses that are round and tits that are big, if you know what I mean.

Anyways. That being said, given that this is an antifeminist blog and “Who Cares What Women Want?” by far my most clicked article according to the WordPress stats, I want to say a word or two about feminism and BDSM:

  1. I do not criticize feminism from a right-wing perspective and I do not give a fuck about “masculinity”, “traditionalism” and the white fertility rate. Feminism is to my right. As far as I see it, “sexist” is essentially a synonym for “unchaste”, both translating to “not being ashamed of the desire to have sex purely for pleasure.”
  2. The feminist rape and pedo hysteria the current ruling class supports and promotes in their institutions, fulfills the same social function Puritan hysterias about sexual “sin” fulfilled in the past: that of sociosexual control.
  3. Since nature is the creation of Satan, there will always and inevitably be a number of people who are physically, mentally, intellectually too crippled to consensually enjoy sexuality with others even in the most utopian society. Some of them will then experience hostility towards other people’s happiness and desire to spoil the sexual bliss of others. We must not give in to these people. There’s a difference between supporting stability, fidelity and monogamy and outright hostility to sexuality as in feminism or religious conservatism.
  4. The real-life BDSM community, despite the fact that arguably more than 95% of the women involved in it prefer the submissive/masochist role and a dominant/sadist male partner, is as feminist and hostile to men, to male sexuality as the feminist mainstream, if not even more so. It just so happens that there is less variability among women than among men and that women are usually sexually submissive masochists. As a result, the BDSM community reduces men to the status of dogs: dogs that are supposed to look dark and dangerous and threatening when they bark, and are yet neutered and on the leash of the female, who only has to snap her fingers once to make him roleplay as a “master” in the bedroom, and then snap her fingers twice in order to transform him back into her little beta boi. BDSM is essentially a faux-surrogate for actual dominance and actual submission. Women have all the actual power and the most masterful master can be in jail tomorrow if some feminist “sub” decides that he touched her knee without her “consent” fifteen years ago. So, there is nothing inherently “masculine” about maledom and nothing inherently “unmasculine” about femdom.
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“Democrats Are The Real Rapists!”

Like it or not, but one of the ways with which /pol/ and the alt-right have successfully undermined geriatric Conservatism, Inc. was to make fun of their tired attempt to paint Democrats as the real racists, thereby implying that they are the real anti-racists and hence suggesting that what conservatives want to “conserve” is not so much a people but a “diverse” and “tolerant” society that only came into existence due to their predecessors having lost against the leftists of the past. Fittingly, the satirical “Conservative Pundit”, going by the twitter handle @DemsRRealRacist, described himself as a policy wonk “people respect”, and during the GOP primaries, he hilariously and brutally attacked a kind of impotent respectability politics that tried to win over the enemy side by attempting to gain their respect and then unsurprisingly failing at both.

Meanwhile, anti-SJW are often attempting a similarly pathetic and “cuckservative” approach by accusing liberals to be the real rapists. They, too, grant total moral authority to the other side, and then attempt to show how they embody their (superior) ideals better than they do. The cartoon above, a highly upvoted meme from a female Redditor (“I’m not like all the other girls, tehehe, I’m not a SJW, tehehe! Donate to my Patreon, winkwink!”), is just the most recent example of this behavior I’ve come across. (In this case, in the “Kotaku in Action”-subreddit.) And this is exactly what I described here as a kind of anti-sexual, anti-male horseshoe theory.

Both SJW and anti-SJW believe that we’re living in a “rape culture”, that rape and harassment is around every corner and that poor little wimminz are under constant attack from horrible men. They just can’t agree on whether it’s the white men or the non-white men, the liberal men or the conservative men who pose the greatest threat. And they are both competing for the role as white knight; the argument anti-SJW usually make effectively boils down to, “I am the better white knight, m’lady, I am better at protecting you from the horrors of men!”

As much as I understand the desire to see feminist men getting destroyed, if we as men want to have a future, we have to attack the feminist rape hysteria itself, instead of trying to save our skin by stuttering “t-t-that Democrats and liberal Hollywood actors are the real rapists!” No. We have to resist this temptation and hit back where it hurts, hit straight into the heart of darkness: attack rape and harassment hysteria itself and not merely the direction of this hysteria, while still claiming that men are waging a war against women and that these poor little victims have to survive in a “rape culture.”

Sadly, SJW and anti-SJW often just differ in regards to who they claim is waging this war: conservative men or liberal men? Male Democrats or male Republicans? White men or non-white men? Men in Alabama or men in Hollywood? Men in pizza shops or men on college campuses? Sharing the same rape, pedo and harassment hysteria, however, they both believe that sexuality, especially male sexuality, needs to be further restricted and restrained. Two mobs with torches and pitchforks in minor disagreement about in which direction to march…


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We Need An “Alt-Left”

I am not opposed to race-mixing. I am not a racist. I don’t want to fight against Jews like anti-Semitic Christians want to. I don’t want to fight for Jews like philo-Semitic Christian Zionists want to. I am not opposed to gay rights. I am not opposed to BDSM. I am not opposed to sex simply for pleasure and not for procreation. I am not opposed to abortion. I am not opposed to birth control. I am not opposed to modern technology. I am not opposed to modernity as such, I have zero interest in going back to the dark ages, Nazi Germany or a Caliphate. I AM, however, opposed to Trump’s recent tax cut for the rich ruling class. I am opposed both to people who want to install a Catholic theocracy and opposed to Neo-Paganists who want to drown gay men in bogs. I support helping low-status men, single-payer health-care, helping homeless men, men who struggle with their wages being too low and so on.

I am only opposed to feminism and to open borders, that are only promoted in order to import millions of low-wage workers and to drive down wages. We need an alt-left. A left that is, well, leftists but only opposed to feminism and open borders.

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